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Having your Bachelorette Party or Bridal Shower in Charleston!

We have the perfect pallet for you!

Are you getting married?!  Do you love Mason Jars?  Well we have a fun bachelorette party idea for you!

My goodness, we have  a lot of brides coming to Charleston for beach weddings and plantation weddings! We are surrounded by natural beauty, history and of the course sand and the warm ocean breeze who doesn’t love all those wonderful things!  Well it seems that there are a lot of bachelorettes parties happening in the Holy City as well! We offer a unique type of painting party…Wood Door Ornaments that can be used  to decorate a door, room or some chic decor at your wedding!  If you are planning a chic Mason Jar Wedding you would love hosting our Mason Jar Painting Party! Please call for more details 203-520-6677!

Below find tons of other ways to decorate with Mason Jars on your special day!